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  • Capriccio


    PGR: Selene - Capriccio base outfit port
    Mod works on all tall females and is fit onto bibo+
    Mod includes:
    Outfit is mostly dyeable. 
    The model only had base outfit, but I wanted alternative variant, so made some parts from scratch.
    Top has option to disable shoulder cloth
    Hands have an option to disable right hand half glove. Nails dyeable
    Legs have 4 options, Nylon with and without ties, same for naked leg
    Shoes have an option for half variant to make it compatible with leg ties. Nails dyeable
    Orb accessory is placed on earring.
    If any issues arise, please fill a bug report on my discord

    Special thanks to Ardecia for the cover, you can find them here:

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