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    Honkai Impact 3rd: Eden outfit port
    Mod works on all tall females and is placed on bibo+ YAB body
    Mod includes
    • Headpiece
    • Earring
    • Dress
    • Wristlet
    • Glove
    • Legs
    • Shoes
    • Goblet (AST weapon)
    • Harp (minion)
    Keep in mind that this is YAB body, so the proportions are bigger than my usual base biboM/Lithe
    Tights and nails are dyeable
    Outfit has following toggles:
    • Body: a-breast cover. b&c-upper chest flower/cover-up. d-enables elbows/wrists (for sleeveless use). e-hides sleeves. f-hides fishnet
    • Legs: a-hide tights. b-hide metal thigh belt accessory
    If any issues arise, please fill a bug report on my discord

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