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  • Frostfang


    Monster Hunter: World Iceborne- Frostfang Barrioth a armor port
    Outfit has following sizes: Bibo M, Bimbo
    Only works on Midlander based models
    Modpack Includes:
     • Hat
     • Body
     • Hands
     • Legs (legs/shoes slot)
     • Shoes slot is added for convenience when using heels plugin
    Entire outfit is dyeable and colors are customizable trough settings, due to complexity of the colors on this outfit, customization is limited.
    Outfit has following toggles: 
    •Neck: a-bag on the back. b-whip. c-sword. d-sword holster. e-. f-. g-. h-. i-. j-.
    If any issues arise, please fill a bug report on my discord

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