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Frostfang Weapons
  • Frostfang Weapons


    Monster Hunter: World Iceborne- Frostfang Barrioth weapons port
    Modpack includes all weapons I could think off that fit to the game
    Weapons work on all races
    Modpack Includes:
     •Bow (BRD)
     •Horn (WAR)
     •Hammer (WAR)
     •Greatsowrd (DRK)
     •Longsword (SAM)
     •Dual Blades (NIN)
     •Sword & Shield (PLD)
     •Insect Glave (DRG)
    All weapons are dyeable and customisable trough settings.
    If any issues arise, please fill a bug report on my discord
    Zip file includes combined and separate weapon files.

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