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  • Jin-Ei


    Ather Gazer: Jin-Ei Kuninotokotachi outfit port
    Outfit is fit to bibo and works on all tall females
    Outfit includes:
    • Headpiece
    • Body
    • Gloves
    • Shoes
    • Back handle detail (wrist)
    Outfit has following toggles:
    Headpiece:  a-mask. b-earphones. c-detail bits. d-ponytail tie.
    Body:  a-breast armor. b-shoulder armor. c-back hanging belt. d-back armor. e-front cover. f-back cover. g-nylon body suit. h-tights. i-ankle ring.
    Gloves: a-transparent protection.
    Ponytail tie is fit around XMA@Ellie [Long Boi Ponytail]
    If any issues arise, please fill a bug report on my discord

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