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  • Mitsuki


    Samurai Warriors 5 - Mitsuki outfit port
    Outfit has Bibo M, Yab M, Yab M Buff, Yab L top and Bibo, Yab Legs, and works on all tall females
    Outfit includes:
    • Top
    • Legs
    • Shoes
    Outfit has following toggles: 
     •body: a-breast plates. b-half-hoodie top. c-wrist armor. d-bicep armor. e-ropes. f-back ropes. g-hanging ropes. j-fishnet (does the same as fishet toggle).
     •legs: a-thigh belt. j-fishnet (does the same as fishet toggle).
    Entire outfit is fully dyeable and colors are fully customizable trough settings.
    If any issues arise, please fill a bug report on my discord

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