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  • Samir


    Tower of Fantasy: Samir- Awakened outfit port
    Outfit following sizes: Bibo Tre M, YAB L
    Only works on Midlander based models
    Modpack Includes:
     • Body
     • Legs
     • Shoes
     • Wristlet
     • Weapon (NIN, MCH)
    Entire outfit is dyeable and colors are customizable trough settings.
    Outfit has following toggles: 
     •body: a-. b-shoulder detail. c-front cover. d-side cover. e-near breasts covers. f-front cloth. g-over hand cloth.
     •legs: a-right granade. b-left granade. c-lower thigh belt.
    If any issues arise, please fill a bug report on my discord

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